The LEAD Center's Online Dialogues

The LEAD Center's work focuses on promoting innovation in policy, employment and economic advancement to advance individual and systems level change for all people with disabilities. The LEAD Center provides policy research and recommendations, training and technical assistance as well as demonstration projects designed to break down silos in existing systems, processes and practices, and foster wider understanding, adoption and integration of next-generation employment practices in both the public and private sector. As part of this effort, the LEAD Center is hosting a series of online dialogues to gather input and ideas from the public and other stakeholders including subject matter experts. Ideas and comments gathered from these online dialogues will be used to guide LEAD Center's work to advance innovative employment outcomes and greater financial stability for Americans with disabilities.

Check out the LEAD Center's Promoting Inclusive Career Pathways Online Dialogue, which sought to gather ideas and insights on how to improve the effectiveness of Inclusive Career Pathways programs to provide career support for people whose options may be otherwise limited.

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Educating the population


A critical step in the success of ABLE accounts is the education of consumers and their advocates. A muti-faceted, multi-phased communication s...

Net Votes: 10   Number of Comments: 5

Assuring Benefits Continuation


With most benefits programs, an increase in salary reduces the benefits one receives, or makes one ineligible for those financial supports. So,...

Net Votes: 9   Number of Comments: 2

A Place to call Home

Jeanette Heitmann

Consumers are finding it harder and harder to find affordable accessible housing. Everyone deserves a home to call their own allowing ABLE accou...

Net Votes: 14   Number of Comments: 11

Using ABLE Funds for Employment ...

Christopher Rodriguez

Although many people with disabilities may have access to multiple supports and services to assist them in pursuing and maintaining employment, ...

Net Votes: 7   Number of Comments: 4