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Every state has multiple free resources to give Social Security Disability and SSI beneficiaries accurate, personalized information regarding how work will effect their SSA and other Federal/State and local benefits. These resources are not well used by individuals with disabilities or many of the professionals who provide services. The Social Security disability systems is and in many ways has to be somewhat convoluted and confusing. This leads to confusion, misunderstandings and the propagation of misinformation among SSA disability beneficiaries. I think as professionals, we have an ethical responsibility to provide clients with accurate information. You can find Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Staff or Employment Networks including State VR programs with certified benefits planners at


I have been an SSA benefits planner for more than 10 years, I as well as many of the benefits planners I have worked with actively include information on where to receive financial literacy training and strategies to increase personal wealth and financial independence in the individualized benefits summary and analysis provided to each client I work with.


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