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SSDI Work Guidelines need improvement for financial wealth

The current SSDI allowance for work is 1$1080 for a non-blind individual. However, the federal guideline for medicaid qualification is $16,643 for 1 person. This is a higher amount a year than is allotted for SSDI recepient's. It would be nice if SSDI individuals could work for a higher amount a month that would enable them to pull themselves off of a large amount of federal programs. This would enable them to accumulate more wealth, explore more job opportunities and relieve some of the finances of the federal government and contribute to the tax payer base.


I am speaking from experience. I have a disability and I usually work part time. The restrictions placed by the social security administration have severely limited the number of jobs available to me to work at the part time level. Most part time jobs are paying above their guidelines and are not within reach for disabled individuals. The Social Security Administration needs to reevaluate its guidelines to make them more conducive for work so that disabled individuals may contribute toward taxation and build wealth.


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