Customer Engagement

Streamlined, Interactive Process

There are two parts to Customer Engagement: Education and Guidance.



The more people a person has to see within a process in order to find out information or get to the final results, the less likely they are to continue through the process. Even a phone number can be taxing if you have to go through many levels of automation or multiple people before your "right" person. Add fear to the equation (people and their families) and then you have even less customer engagement.



An interactive "How To" Guide may also be a way to support streamlining the process. For instance, "How to" open, maintain, and use an ABLE account along with links/numbers to additional resources; if this guide could be like a video game/app, it may be more enticing. On ABLEnrc, there's information but it's not very interactive. The Job Accommodation Network has an app (Mobile Accommodation Solution) that allows employers, professionals, and individuals understand the process better when it comes to reasonable accommodations. If scenarios could be added into this interactive platform, that could be helpful as well. For instance, Capital One's credit tracker in their app allows you to see how your credit score could possibly be impacted by certain decisions (e.g increasing credit limit, missing a payment 30 days, canceling the oldest credit line).


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